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Three easy steps to find your way:

  1. Check the address on your appointment letter
  2. Find your entrance
  3. Look for your zone

Part of HSC is divided into zones based on the eight major elevator banks:

GA / GD / JJ
GB / GC / GE
GF / GG / GH

Each zone has a colour and animal designation based on the eight major elevator banks of the hospital. When you come to HSC, you will be told to report to a zone and level.

For example, if your appointment letter states Green Owl Zone, Level 2, Clinic G, you will:

  • Follow Green Owl symbol on the signs throughout the hospital until you reach the Green Owl Elevator bank (seen right)
  • Take the elevator to Level 2
  • Proceed to Clinic G

You can get to all zones from any entrance of the hospital.

If you need help finding your way at HSC, ask a staff member, visit the Welcome Centre at 700 William Avenue, or use one of the Information phones (signed with a ) inside HSC, and we will direct you to your destination.

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