COVID-19 Information: Updates for Manitobans & health providers  •   Immunization: eligibility criteria


You must wear a mask, respond to screening questions related to COVID-19 symptoms, exposure and travel history, practice proper hand hygiene, and always maintain physical distancing.

Designated entrances

Entry to our HSC campus is limited to specific entry points until further notice to ensure appropriate COVID-19 screening.

All visitors must enter at one of the following entrances:

  • 665 William Avenue (HSC Women’s Hospital)
  • 700 William Avenue (main entrance, Children’s and Adult Emergency)
  • 820 Sherbrook Street (HSC Children’s, Rehab, Dialysis drop-off and waiting area)
  • 771 Bannatyne Avenue (PsychHealth Centre)
  • 817 Bannatyne Avenue (Mental Health Crisis Response Centre)

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Current outbreaks

For more information on infections at HSC Winnipeg, please visit the Shared Health Infection, Prevention & Control site.

RSV Season: Visitor Restrictions in Pediatric Critical Care Units

Due to an early presence of RSV in Manitoba, Infection Prevention & Control will begin the RSV prophylaxis program on Thursday, November 3, 2022. With the start of the program, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) visitor restrictions come into effect and will last for the duration of the program.  

To prevent illness in vulnerable infants and children during RSV season, these visitor restrictions are in effect for all Pediatric Critical Care areas:
•    All visitors must be free of illness
•    Ensure visitors are engaging in hand hygiene, proper PPE and appropriate infection control measures
•    Children under age 5 are not permitted to visit
•    Twin siblings are allowed if they are free of illness
•    Children under 12 should have up-to-date immunizations and be accompanied by a parent

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