Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg: Manitoba’s Hospital

Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg is a Shared Health facility, and Manitoba’s provincial tertiary centre for trauma, transplants, burns, neurosciences, complex cancer care and pediatric care.

Located on over 32 acres of land in central Winnipeg and serving residents of Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, and Nunavut, it is the province’s largest health-care facility, and a major referral centre for complex health problems. Every clinical hospital-based service available in the province is offered at HSC, except for cardiac surgery and eye surgery. This means the majority of Manitobans’ tertiary care is provided here, regardless of which community they call home.

We care for the sickest and most critically injured people (over 570,000 patients receive care every year at HSC). We have the largest and busiest emergency departments in Manitoba, with 115,000+ visits per year and 330+ patients per day.

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