24-hour dispatch: All areas except PsycHealth: 204-787-4567
PsycHealth only: 204-787-5000 ----- From HSC phones: 55

Safety at HSC Winnipeg

Safety and security for our patients and staff is a top priority for HSC Winnipeg. Security Services employ full-time security officers as well as GardaWorld officers. Our officers routinely patrol the HSC campus and work closely with the Winnipeg Police Service on issues that face our neighbourhood.

Security Services

Emergency Numbers

24-hour dispatch: All areas except PsycHealth: 204-787-4567
PsycHealth only: 204-787-5000
From HSC phones: 55
Email security at [email protected]

University of Manitoba Bannatyne Campus non-emergency phone number: 204-789-3330
UM Security Site

HSC Winnipeg has 803 operational CCTV cameras on campus and in our parkades.
HSC Winnipeg offers safewalks for employees. On average, security escort staff to their vehicles or the bus 70 times per month. You can request a safe walk by dialing 55 from HSC phones and 204-787-5000 from PsycHealth.
We are reducing incidents of vehicle break-ins and vandalism. by evicting individuals who are in the parkade for no legitimate reason, increased patrols, additional lighting, enhanced video monitoring and ensuring stairwells in staff parkades are locked to the public.
Access Control
HSC has reduced the number of access points into the building and ensured they are staffed by security at all times. There are currently 1107 card readers on campus ensuring that only employees can enter secure areas.
All parking locations are patrolled by security 24/7 by dedicated parking patrols and HSC Winnipeg security staff. This ensures only employees, patients, and families are accessing the parkades.

Staying Safe on Campus

  • Stay vigilant when coming to and leaving the HSC campus.
  • When walking to your car or the bus, be aware of your surroundings (unplug headphones and keep off your phone)
  • Walk with a buddy if possible
  • Park in well-lit areas, and keep valuables out of sight.
  • Report suspicious activity or incidents to security as soon as possible

Personal Alarms

All staff are provided with a personal alarm during orientation. If you have lost yours or did not receive one, please visit the security office.

Panic Alarm Stations

There are 118 panic alarm stations throughout campus parkades to use in the event of an emergency.

These alarms will connect you with security and trigger an immediate response.

Reporting Incidents

To report a concern or suspicious activity, ensure it is safe to do so and contact 204-787-4567

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