COVID-19 Information: Updates for Manitobans & health providers  •   Immunization: eligibility criteria

Visiting a Patient

Visitor restrictions

Please reconsider your visit — preventing the spread of COVID-19 is everyone’s responsibility.

For the safety of your loved ones and our staff, we have implemented the following visitor restrictions:

  • Casual visits: Not permitted unless one person is identified as an essential care partner. For inpatients, regardless of length of stay, visitors are not be permitted. For detailed information, see Essential Care Partner and Visitor Guidelines – Provincial Response Level RED.
  • Virtual visits: Loved ones are encouraged to keep in touch with patients through phone and video calls. As well, the HSC Well Wishes program is a free service which gives loved ones the opportunity to send adult patients a personalized greeting.
  • Patient belongings: Items must be disinfected upon arrival to the patient room. The items must be used by the intended patient only, and not shared with other patients. Approved items include debit or credit cards, newspapers, cards, books, flowers, bedding, stuffed animals, magazines, puzzles. More information can be found in the COVID-19 Specific Disease Protocol (Winnipeg).

During Your Visit

Respecting Privacy and Comfort

Most rooms at HSC are not private rooms. When you come to visit a friend or family member, you may see and hear things related to other patients. Please respect everyone’s right to privacy. It’s greatly appreciated when you minimize your impact on other patients and their visitors. Please remember that people’s private information is confidential by law. Do not discuss what you see and hear in the hospital.

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