HSC provides diagnostic hearing assessment to infants and children with a broad range of hearing and balance disorders. Our care team will provide recommendations and management strategies for the patient and will support their goals for intervention and rehabilitation.

Outpatient care

Specialized hearing services

Parents or physicians may contact the Specialized Services for Children and Youth (SSCY) Centre to request a referral for audiological services.

Referrals received by SSCY are prioritized and allocated to the appropriate site. HSC Winnipeg is one of the seven sites that can provide audiological diagnostic services to children. We primarily assess children less than five years of age and children who meet this criteria:

  • Referral from the UNHS program for diagnostic testing
  • Referral from the UNHS program for surveillance
  • Referral from community testing site which has previously been incomplete, unsuccessful or children who cannot be tested behaviorally (second opinions with potential for sedated ABR)
  • Referral from Oncology for a child on ototoxic medication
  • Referral from ENT clinic
  • Referral from craniofacial clinic
Universal Newborn Hearing Screening

This service is available to all infants born in Manitoba, or newborns who arrive in Manitoba in early infancy (less than six months of age).

Our care team will perform a hearing screening on each of your baby’s ears. This screening is fast and safe. Soft sounds are played by a computer into your baby’s ears using a soft ear tip. The computer measures the response to the sound from your baby’s ears to find out if your baby has normal hearing. Many babies sleep during the screening. You can breastfeed or hold them while it’s going on. The screening works best when your baby is quiet and sleeping.

If your baby does not pass, your baby will have a second hearing screening. This will take place either before you leave the hospital or in the community shortly after. For more information, see the provincial brochures.

Following the completion of this program, an infant may be entered into surveillance based on their risk factors for progressive hearing loss identified at birth. The infant will be followed either at the birth site or the site where diagnostic testing took place.

Inpatient care

Inpatient services are referral based. Audiologists provide diagnostic testing and recommendations according to the needs and abilities of the child. When appropriate, bedside testing will occur. Common tests include Auditory Brainstem Response testing, Otoacoustic Emissions and Tympanometry.

Location: Dr. Goodbear Zone, Level 2, CK214

Phone: 204-787-2740

Fax: 204-787-2265

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Our care team

Audiologists are highly-educated professionals who must have a minimum of a master’s degree in their field to practice in Canada. They are qualified to assess, diagnose and treat a broad range of hearing and balance disorders.

Audiologists can help with:

  • Hearing disorders in infants, children and adults.
  • Amplification such as hearing aids and other assistive listening devices.
  • Auditory processing disorders: issues with how the brain processes sound.
  • Tinnitus: noise or ringing in the ears.
  • Hyperacusis and Misophonia: sensitivities to particular sounds.
  • Balance disorders including dizziness or vertigo caused by Ménières disease, ear infections and trauma to the skull.

We are happy to answer your questions. It’s okay to ask:

  • Ask us to explain any medical terms or words that you do not understand.
  • Ask us about the risks, benefits and alternatives to any test or treatment.
  • Ask us about the purpose and potential side effects of any medication.
  • Ask us to assist you in communicating with your loved one.
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