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The HSC Winnipeg Children’s Hospital Emergency Department (CHED) invites Indigenous parents and youth to provide feedback and cultural perspective in improving care, by being a member of this new advisory council.

This council will meet four times per year for 2 hours, with three virtual meetings and once in person, in Winnipeg. In addition to compensation being provided for participation, travel expenses and child care will also be provided. The council includes participation from an Elder to support parents and youth.

Minutes would be recorded, and summaries provided to the CHED Patient Care Team, section members, and to the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health.

Agenda items would include:

  • Family support while in CHED, including waiting room needs
  • Communication
  • Culturally important contacts with critically ill child
  • Privacy issues
  • Review of patient surveys
  • Redevelopment of CHED and culturally relevant modifications to the environment
  • New procedures, evidence informed practice tools and clinical practice guidelines

For more information, or to put your name forward, please contact:

Sheila Hutton: phone 204-787-2526
Elisabete Doyle: email [email protected] or phone 204-226-0815

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