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Getting Around HSC

Part of HSC is divided into zones based on the eight major elevator banks:

Above you will see that each zone has a colour and animal designation based on the eight major elevator banks of the hospital. When you come to HSC, you will be told to report to a zone and level. For example, if your appointment letter states Green Owl Zone, Level 2, Clinic G, you will:

    • Follow Green Owl symbol on the signs throughout the hospital until you reach the Green Owl Elevator bank (seen below)
    • Take the elevator to Level 2
    • Proceed to Clinic G

Three easy steps to find your way:

  1. Check the address on your appointment letter
  2. Find your entrance - click here for entrance information
  3. Look for your zone

Please note that you can get to all zones from any entrance of the hospital. We are trying to get you there in the shortest way possible.

Detailed Hallway Map
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Hallway Map

Campus Map
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Tunnel Map
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HSC Tunnel Map thumbnail

HSC Women's Hospital,
665 William Ave
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HSC Women's map thumbnail

Building Addresses
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address list thumbnail

If you need help finding your way at HSC, please ask a staff member, visit the Welcome Centre at 700 William Avenue, or use one of the Information phones (signed with a ?) inside HSC, and we will direct you to your destination.


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Getting Around HSC