Our Vision and Values

HSC Winnipeg: A Patients First Hospital

HSC Winnipeg exists to provide the best possible hospital experience for patients and families and a positive working and learning environment for staff, volunteers and future healthcare providers.

We provide acute hospital (tertiary and other) and community health services to Manitobans and others. This includes providing specialty, sub-specialty, and sophisticated intensive care, in a learning environment.

Our vision is Patients First:

Patients are at the centre of everything we do.

We see our work through patients' eyes, and do what is right, not necessarily what is easiest.

We involve patients in their care, listening and learning everything we can, and sharing what we know.

Together, we provide the very best possible hospital experience for the people we serve.

Our Core Behaviours:




Our Aspirational Behaviours:


We have a common focus and shared understanding of our vision, purpose and priorities. We are clear about and accept personal accountability for what is expected of us. Our collective work equals stronger performance and better experiences for patients. "We" means each person who works, volunteers and learns at HSC.


Working together is our way of being. There are no silos, huts, moats when it comes to providing the best possible hospital experience for patients. We appreciate each other's work and contributions. We are transparent with each other and open to finding the best processes and solutions - together.


We continuously improve our processes. We invest our resources in high-quality and best-value experiences for patients.

For more information about HSC's role within the WRHA and how care is coordinated across the Winnipeg Health Region, please visit the WRHA website.


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